December 9, 2022

Whole Loan Sales

Oak Creek Capital’s secondary loan sales franchise is based on the foundation of providing differentiated, value-added advice and services to our clients on complex strategic decisions and transactions.

Balance Sheet Solutions for Financial Institutions

Where appropriate, Oak Creek Capital has the ability to provide clients with financing solutions to assist them in their balance sheet needs. Our differentiated expertise in these areas allows us to provide clients with unique and effective solutions and providing best-in-class deal structuring and execution.

Oak Creek Capital’s client side includes Investment Banks, Commercial Banks, Hard Money Lenders, Warehouse Lenders, Regional Banks, Community Banks, Individual Investors and Specialty Finance Companies facing interim balance sheet needs. Oak Creek Capital is often the first choice for these companies looking for exits for their loan assets in light of the depressed mortgage backed security markets, and all types of lending institutions looking for liquidity and top of the market pricing levels.